Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Word of Thanks from Jules to Precious Hearts

Our family had a lovely visitor on Saturday – someone I had only ‘met’ on Facebook until now.  Suzanne and her band of boys took the drive up to our gorgeous mountain (sunny for the first time in a long time!) with an unexpected surprise for Julian.  Nigel and I knew that something was coming for him, but we weren’t sure what, so our surprise was as great as his was!  Now, our lad is always unsure how to react when he receives a gift, so the huge smiles and excitement didn’t really show itself until Suzanne and the boys had left, but it was there, simmering under the surface until he was sure no one was looking!  Too cool to be really excited at 12 you know.  This is how it all went down, in his own words:  

"‘That bag looks familiar,’ I said. Well, it was true. The signature bag of Precious Hearts (Charity for kids undergoing Heart Surgery) looked very familiar indeed. After all, who wouldn’t forget the day they got a bag full of toys and puzzles to play with while you’re waiting for heart surgery? Anyway, in the bag was a large box... a large, heavy box. And then Susie said: ‘That’s for you,’ I didn’t know what to say. The something in the box was for ME. I hurriedly ripped off the paper and opened the box. And there, sitting in that very box, was a laptop. And not just any laptop. An Acer 750 GB Windows 8 laptop! I was speechless. The last time I had my very own laptop was at least 7 years ago now. I was so excited I nearly wet myself. So, I got stuck into setting it up. 

Well my fellow readers of Saving Jules Blog, that’s how it all happened. But enough about me. Let’s start on Precious Hearts. Precious Hearts: “Gives these children a reason to smile, and supports the families who are always right beside their little fighters.” The children the quote speaks of are the many children that have to stay in hospital waiting for heart surgery. 

The signature bag of Precious Hearts can hold a range of different things, like Toys and Crayons, to Puzzle Books and yoyos. The one that I received when I was waiting for heart surgery was the greatest thing I had ever experienced at the time. I can only imagine what it would be like for all the other kids.

Precious Hearts will buy these little rays of enjoyment and puts these into the bags. These bags are then given to the children lying in wait. 

I would like to thank Precious Hearts on behalf of all children with Congenital Heart Diseases. Thank you so much for going out of your way to bring that special spark to all those children with no battery.

Thank you so much for reading my little input to this blog.

Julian Summers."

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