Friday, 1 February 2013

February is Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Month

Did you know?

*  Every day, six babies are born with heart defects.  That’s more than 2000 babies born with Congenital Heart Defect’s every year

*  Heart disease is one of the most common birth abnormalities

*  CHD is one of the greatest killers of infants under the age of one

*  More than four Australians die each week because of a Congenital Heart condition

*  Some children acquire heart conditions during childhood from illnesses such as Kawasaki disease or rheumatic fever.  For some children, like Julian, there is no known cause.

*  A disproportionate number of indigenous children suffer from acquired heart diseases, often as a result of rheumatic fever, which is prevalent in many communities

*  It is estimated 32, 000 children under the age of 18 are currently living with CHD in Australia

*  Approximately half of all children diagnosed with heart disease will require surgery to correct the defect

February is International CHD Awareness Month, and February 14th is International CHD Awareness Day

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