Wednesday, 13 February 2013

HeartKids Qld Valentines Day Fundraiser

‘Have a Heart’ this Valentine’s Day and donate to HeartKids Qld’s ‘Have a Heart’ Campaign!

This Valentine’s Day, 6 babies will be born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) in Australia, and in the same week, 4 young Australians will die from CHD.  So, this Valentine’s Day, donate your chocolate budget to HeartKids Qld to help support families during their struggle with this tragic disease and help find a cure for CHD!  In return, you will receive a beautiful card to give to your Valentine, letting them know of your decision to help give the gift of life.

This is what your donation can help give a HeartKid:

$10 Comfort Food – A $10 donation will provide an evening meal for a parent while their HeartKid is in hospital.
$25 Care Package – A $25 donation will supply the family of a regional HeartKid with a care bag of essentials for emergencies.
$40 Calm Kit – A $40 donation will supply a HeartKid with a play therapy tool kit providing distraction techniques and pain management strategies for a HeartKid and their parent.

Please, ‘Have a Heart’ and donate now to HeartKids Qld this Valentine’s Day -


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