Tuesday, 18 June 2013

"That's been going around a lot lately"

It’s so hard when your kids get sick (and boy oh boy would I love just one week without someone calling out “Muuuummmmm!”), and even more so when there’s something “going around”.  You know, that ‘thing’ that’s always going around when you call the school to let them know you have a sick child at home.  “Oh yeah, that’s been going around a lot lately.”  Crap.  I hate it when they say that.  It means that all my kids will drop like flies from whatever ‘that’ is within days of each other!

It’s Julian this time.  I got the dreaded phone call from the high school yesterday.  “Hi Coleen!”  Why do they always have to sound so darn chipper when they call???  “Julian’s in the sick bay feeling ‘vomity’ in the stomach.”  Blech.  Vomity?  Or struck down by the dreaded ‘Maths Class’ that’s been going around lately???  Unfortunately, it’s not ‘Maths Cl ass’ or even ‘Exam on today’, it’s Gastro and a particularly nasty version of it too.

This might sound a little strange, but it’s always so much easier when one of his younger siblings has a stomach bug.  It’s off to the shops I go for Hydrolyte ice-blocks, Coke and Salt-and-Vinegar chips (a brilliant combination by the way, one told to me by an Ambulance Officer when Ayan had to go to hospital with Rotavirus last year), and then it’s just sit until the call of “Muuuummmm!” until it’s run its course.  With Julian though, it’s much different.  Nigel and I are on egg shells, counting how many times he’s been sick or has had to go to the toilet.  Too many and it’s off to the doctors to have an injection to stop the vomiting, or if it’s bad enough, a trip to the hospital a dose of Ondansetron and get put on a drip.

He seems to be coming good now though, so no trip to the doctor or hospital this time around, and he’ll be home recovering tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t hear “Muuuuummmmm!” anytime soon . . .  

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