Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A trip to the new hospital!

We were at our neighbours son’s 7th birthday party last Sunday morning when my 11 year old came up to me and told me “Mum, Julian’s not feeling well.” 

I looked over to the swings – where all good teenagers and pre-teens go to play at a playground! – to see him slumped over one of the swings on his stomach with his forehead resting on the ground.

When I got to him and helped him to stand he said that he was having chest pains, so I walked him over to the picnic tables and helped him to sit down.  He flat out begged me not to call an ambulance – he didn’t want to frighten the little kids at the party – so I kept a close eye on him for a while. 

Thank you Fairy Raine!
He rested for a bit, then we did a slow treasure hunt and he had his face painted by a lovely lady called “Fairy Raine who went along brilliantly with my dare to have his face painted like a Pirate Princess (we were at a Pirate Party to, after all) – he got $10 out of it too!  By the way, I can’t recommend her enough.  She was absolutely brilliant, related fantastically to all the kids, and my own 4 thought she was fantastic. 

So, long story even longer.  He tried to get comfy on the picnic bench, slipped, bent his finger back and promptly sat on it.  Arrrggghhhh!  It swelled up like a bloody balloon, and we toddled off to the local Ambulance station to see if they thought it was broken or not.  No one was there so Will and I made the decision that I would take him to Robina Hospital ‘just in case’.  He is on Warfarin, so our worry wasn’t just that it was broken, but may be bleeding in the joint.

Waiting for results . . .

When we got to Robina Hospital, they took us straight through once they heard how he had injured his finger.  He was hooked up to an ECG, bloods taken, xrays done and they were in constant contact with the Cardiac Fellow at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.  
HUGE tellies in the ED at Lady Cilento

A few hours later, he was transferred to the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital where he spent the night, and then spent Monday having tests done.  The new hospital is great, I just wish we hadn't had to see it so soon!

HUGE rooms too!

Nothing was found, and his results were all almost identical to the results from the Pulmonary Hypertension clinic in November.  The doctors are of the opinion that he just did too much.

So, now to figure out how to keep a teenager quiet for the next few days . . .

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