Saturday, 3 January 2015

A heartbreaking lesson about friendship

Julian learned an unfortunately hard and heartbreaking lesson today about friendship.

Friends don’t always value you as much as you do them.  He has discovered that it is all too easy for some people to dismiss who you are and your long-standing friendship when what you say doesn't suit them.

He discovered that it hurts and it breaks your heart.

I must admit, I am desperately worried about the backlash when he goes back to school in a few weeks.  I just hope this opens up new opportunities for longer, firmer friendships and isn’t alienated by rumours and lies.

I’m looking forward to meeting his new friends and hope that the old ones soon learn what they are missing out on.


  1. A very hard lesson to learn...still finding out at my age(56) caught up with friends from school on a reunion site,some barely remember me whilst others I barely remember,remember me in detail!!!! One door closes and another opens.Not many have friends for a lifetime.a new part of Julian's life awaits.I have made some of my best friends since I have had PH!

  2. It is a very hard lesson, Leila. I just wish he didn't have to learn it so young.